Saturday, July 4, 2015

a happy 4th of july~

off to chase the sun...

to lounge about

get some fresh air

enjoy a picnic

and watch the fog roll back in...

hope your day is just as rewarding!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

reading goals 2015

goal 150 books

goal 100 on kindle

1 winters tale *****
2 the look of love ****.*
3 liberty's torch *****
4 dress shop of dreams ****.*
5 husbands secret *****
6 most talkative ***.*
7 patron saint of ugly *****
8 i am having so much fun here without you ****
9 the storied life of a.j.friky ****.*
10 shadow of the wind *****
11 the magician's nephew ****
12 the lion, the witch and the wardrobe ****
13 a boy and his horse ****
14 stardust ****
15 tune in tokyo **
16 the thirteenth tale *****
17 lives in ruins **.*
18 sweet honey, bitter lemons ***·*
19 mercury falls ****.*
20 shell collector ***
21 sleep tight ****
22 something in stone ***.*
23 winter sea *****
24 code talkers *****
25 600 hours of edward ******
26 red pyramid ****
27 rosie project ***.*
28 the martain ****·*
29 my sisters grave ***.*
30 mercury rises ****
33 leaving time *****
34 the secret piano ***·*
35 girl on the train ****
36 defending jacob *****
37 mercury rests ****
38 what she left behind ****
39 the sisters brothers **
40 the secret garden ****
41 outlander *****
42 quiet ****·*
43 second star to the right ***·*
44 norwegian by night *****
45 i am malala; the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the taliban ****.*
46 i am malala: the girl who stood up for education and changed the word *****
47 girls like us **
48 three men in a boat **
49 nightingale *****
50 hall of small mammals **
51 thru-hiking will break your heart ****·*
52 island of the sequined love nun ****
53 the strange and sorrowful life of eva lavender *****
54 the curtain ****.*

goal 25 library

1 novel cure ****
2 a boat a whale & a walrus ****
3 the boston girl ***
4 first frost ****
5 revolution ***.*
6 the year of reading dangerously ***
7 the andy cohen diaries ***.*
8 etta and otto and russel and james *****
9 the love song of miss queeny hennessy *****
10 martin short i must say ****
11 I'll give you the sun *****
12 not my father's son *****
13 somewhere safe with someone good **
14 aquarium *****
15 at the waters edge *****
16 dead wake *****
17 the book of joe ****.*
18 the humans *****
19 roast figs sugar snow ****.*
20 the steady running of the hour ****
21 when books went to war *****
22 a fine romance *****
23 my grandmother asked me to tell you she is sorry *****
24 in the unlikely event **.*
25 the truth according to us **
26 the harder they come *****
27 language arts *****

goal 25 i own

1 bettysville **
2 the point reyes sheriffs calls ****
3 summer cocktails ****
4 my abuelas kitchen **.*
5 sunday suppers ***.*
6 vintage tea party *****
7 vintage sweets ****
8 vintage tea party year ****·*
9 roast fig sugar snow *****

goal to do the following 52 books~

a pulitzer prize winning book
a play

1-a book over 500 pages ... a winters tale 770 pages
2-a book originally written in another language ... shadow of the wind
3-a book you own but haven't read ... the storied life of a.j.frikey
4-a book with magic ... the dress shop of dreams
5-a book from your childhood ... the magician's nephew
6-a book with a love triangle ... the husbands secret
7-a book based entirely on its cover ... a boat, a whale & a walrus
8-a book you were supposed to read in school but didn't ... the lion, the witch and the wardrobe
9-a memoir ... most talkative
10-a book you can finish in a day ... a novel cure 
11-a book from an author you love that you haven't read yet ... the look of love, sarah jio
12-a book a friend recommended ... pam, patron saint of ugly 
13-a nonfiction book ... liberty's torch
14-a book by a female author ... i am having so much fun without you
15-a book that came out the year you were born ... the horse and his boy
 16-a book with nonhuman characters ... stardust
 17-a book written by someone under 30 …tune in tokyo
 18-a number in the title ... the thirteenth tale
 19-a book by an author you've never read before ... lives in ruins
 20-a book with antonyms in the title … sweet honey, bitter lemons
 21-trilogy #1 ... mercury falls ... 
 22-a graphic novel ... the boston girl
 23-a book set in high school  ...first frost...
 24-a mystery or thriller … sleep tight
 25-a book that takes place in your hometown ... something in stone, dillon beach
 26-classic romance ...winter sea 
 27-a book of short stories ... the year of reading dangerously
 28-a book becomes a movie ... code talker
 29-a book with a color in the title ... red pyramid
 30-a book set somewhere you always wanted to visit ... the rosie project, Australia
 31-a book set in the future... the martian 
 32-a book based on or turned into a tv show ... the andy cohen diaries
 33-book published this year ... etta and otto and russel and james
 34-a book at the bottom of your to read list ... 600 hours of edward
 35-a book with a one word title ... revolution
 36-trilogy #2... mercury rises
 37-a book that made you cry ... the love song of miss queenie hennessy
 38-a funny book ... i must say
 39-a book set in a different country … not my father's son
 40-a book based on a true story … leaving time

 41-a book your mom loves ... somewhere safe with someone good
 42-trilogy #3 ... mercury rests
 43-a book that scares you … what she left behind 
 44-a book you started but never finished...the sisters brothers
 45-a book more that 100 years old ... the secret garden
 46-popular authors first book ... outlander
 47-a book set during xmas ... aquarium
 48-a book written with your same initials … second star to the right, mm
 49-a banned book ... i am malala
 50-a book with bad reviews ... lost and found *****

jan ... the storied life of aj frikey
feb ... the shell collector
march ... my sisters grave
april ... etta and otto and russel and james
may ... the island of the sequined love nun
june... dead wake
july ... buried giant
august ...the umbrian thursday night supper club
sept ... galore
oct ... station eleven
nov ... i am number four

books purchased
1 rails across the ranchos
2 point reyes peninsula
3 the end of night
4 kindle, the miniaturist
5 kindle,  the girl on the train
6 kindle, the woman in white
7 kindle, me before you
8 kindle, the martian
9 kindle, the girl with all the gifts
10 kindle, wreckage
11 kindle, the mermaids sister
12 kindle, we are called to rise
13 mink river
14 point reyes sherriffs calls
15 kindle, death at la fenice
16 kindle, angels in my hair
17 kindle, the history of rain
18 on the edge
19 the possibilites
20 her wild oats
21 kindle, firebird
22 kindle second glance
23 kindle, we are not ourselves
24 kindle, trail of broken wings
25 kindle, the buried giant
26 kindle, three men in a boat
27 kindle, hall of small mammals
28 kindle, go set a watchman
29 kindle, secret of a charmed life
30 kindle, tibetan peach pie
31 sunday suppers
32 vintage sweets
33 vintage tea parties for the year
34 vintage tea party
35 kindle, Mariana
36 kindle, Fly a little higher
37 Umbrian Thursday night supper club
38 the summer house cookbook
39 cabin cooking
40 kindle, the shell seekers
41 kindle, winter solstice
42 kindle, mistress of the sun
43 kindle, bees
44 kindle, prayers for sale
45 kindle, dead key
46 kindle, rebecca
47 kindle, i am a stranger here myself
48 roast fig sugar snow
49 kindle, american ghost
50 kindle, ice man cometh
51 kindle, eight minutes
52 kindle, blue highways
53 kindle, sweet salt air
54 kindle, my brilliant friend

books scott bought~ 10

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

beach diary may 25th thru june 30th~

so nice to be back, within 30' of arriving on monday night 3 friends were honking and waving in our glass house! we spent 3 weeks at home doing fire prep to be able to escape for the summer, we arrived to rain, that constant wet dripping fog that will last for months. back to jeans and warm jackets, hot summers are gone for me!

5/26 tuesday morn i went down to the beach, not to walk the dogs, but to gather tara's fresh eggs ...

they are like jewels from the sea in their delicious soft colors.

suzette stopped by for an early morn visit and then off to the market with bev to fill my coiffures for a month, at home i would never grocery shop with a friend, but at the beach, its fun!

5/27 spent the day unpacking the last of the goodie boxes from the post office and reading for book club tomorrow night~

5/28 up early to start making mini blueberry pies and a blue fruit salad for tonight. suzette stopped by for a visit then off to book club for the night, nothing like a little good cannibal humor, spam...

5/29 bev and i went to see the first showing of san andreas, suzette refused to join us, i am the chicken of the group and wanted to scare myself, but instead i found it VERY funny! special effects were great, but the dialogue had me biting my lips and sitting on my hands so i wouldn't slap my knee guffawing! i haven't seen a movie in 15 years, i don't have the attention span, i rather read what i want, but i was so freaked out with the trailer showing the tsunami throw a cruise ship into downtown sf i really wanted to see it!

the movie played like a soap opera, the worlds exploding around them and they are calm as a cucumber saying canned pat lines, i kept thinking were the writers cracking up when they wrote that %^$#? i imagined them all in the room, oh wait, lets say this, snicker snicker snicker, hey lets do this, oh yeah now were talking as they roar with laughter. if for one moment they kept a straight face with that dribble heaven help them... and this is why i read, for authors to pour out their souls and entrance me with words, beautiful sentences, heart stopping lines. it was SO bad in was good, but the special effects were fun!

i laughed for hours after, it still makes me smile. went to bevs fav mexican restaurant after, heck of meal for 7.50! she rented 3 movies for the weekend and kindly shared one with me, since i have never rented a movie before it was rather wild to see 2 movies in one day. the latter was 5 stars, and not for all the wrong reasons like san andreas, it was a wonderful movie about alan turing. the story broke my heart, i am so naive about so many things in life...

5/30 scott went home to work the hill, and i am FINALLY getting back into my routine, walking the dogs every morning with friends, let the magic return! we all returned home sopping wet and happy, katie found a good friend in fred. off to the voodoo house for some computer time from hell, went surprising well considering the site! scott returned late with more fur~

5/31 up early to enjoy breakfast with the novel bakers before heading out in the deeply dark, wetly dripping heavy fog for a morning beach walk... so happy the tides are turning, low tide coming soon all this week in the morn!

6/1 time to tackle tea party week, need to start working some plum magic...

hated the recipe, but then i hate little cakes like this... shared them anyway, they can always feed the deer. was a very wet day, real rain, buried deep in the fog, but it was really raining everywhere. would have been a perfect day to read but i was in the kitchen and visiting the entire day and next i knew scott was home, day done~

6/2 up and out early by 6am, the fog was rolling fast and furious, while walking the dogs the barn was in 100% sun, dropped my head to hand katie and cookie and it was gone that instantaneously. while making a succulent wreath outside in the deep fog i heard sirens, but i had no real bearings in the gray mist.

JUST as the fog cleared the coast guard helicopter rushed overhead, as the sea unveiled itself beneath me i see 2 coast guard boats streaming in the bay... another tragedy. it was over so quick I assumed all was well, but read later a man died abalone diving, 6th person this season...

we had scheduled our fun day for noon, out for our monthly mani and pedi's and lunch with the girls. marla joined us since she is an extra bit free wheeling these days. we came home golden, jade and purple.

stella surprised us with apple pie and chocolate cheesecake which i promptly inhaled. the fog has been blown out with the hellacious spring winds, its just nice to see the sea again, even if its 40 degrees before the freezing gale force winds...

6/3 very heavy hearted today, we lost our 18 year old cat. he has been skeletal, truly only bone and fur, he passed at 4.5 pounds, but he was 100% of his personality. yesterday he seamed slower, we didn't want him to suffer. toby has always been my special boy, when my favorite garden kitty grady was killed by a rattlesnake i was extremely depressed for months, one day we drove down our driveway and there was this tiny 6 week old black kitten just waiting for me... we live in the country up in the hills, how it appeared baffled me, but we needed each other. i named him toby, for god is good. he has always slept above my head. he rescued me from my depression all those years ago, he will forever be special in my heart...

with a tear streaked face i had to go to the bookmobile, it only comes twice a month and i had things to pick up and drop off, i was trying to be invisible in a bus, they were so kind and chatty and i felt so miserable that i could barely utter a sentence for fear i would burst into tears.

as if the day could not be any worse, scott notices a sick cat at home. he too was crushed losing toby, had to bury him, then on to the emergency clinic with noah. 2 hours later he was on his way home, tired, exhausted and just as heart broken as i was. some animals get under you skin more, toby was just a very special boy.

6/4 such a beautiful day to wake up too, even if my eyes are swollen shut from crying i still need to walk the dogs... i was out before 6, calm, blue and warm, nothing of the norm here. it was also low tide, my siren call, but i was just too broken to race down there. tended to harley and then played a bit for the tea party week. what i really need to do is sleep a good dozen hours to build up my stamina again, i feel very overexposed saying good bye to toby...

6/5 life is getting back on track again, we had the perfect morning walk, full sunshine! we were there for over 2 hours, lots of catching up with others, good stories, sad stories and everything in between. katie was so calm today we wonder if she is well, or the 2 hours really did her some extra good!

spent the day reading outside while basking in the kindness of others, bev stopped by to share these GORGEOUS mushrooms...

and suzette oh so kindly grabbed two bunches of peonies, waiting for me on the doorstep in all their glory~

we went to town around dinner time, of course that means i MUST hit homegoods, especially after some very disturbing news, a friends friend who is a regional manager of hgs said they are discontinuing their coastal dept next year.


how will i delight myself endlessly picking up adorable seaside trinkets! well it just means i have to shop earnestly the rest of season now, these may be my final hurrahs, and this girl needed a good home~

bought our 4th rug, somehow the corner has become the animals staple diet on year 3... every cat and dog roll, munch, rip and scratch the darn corner, the first thing you see and the first place to trip you face first. OY!

6/6 FINALLY finished this book, oh how i loved it, such imagery, love love love her writing...

i fear i have lost my ability to read, i can power through a book a day, but for the last 5-6 weeks i am not reading and when i do its endless dribbles here and there... i LOVED this book and still could not sit down and carve time to enjoy it in one sitting. i read when i am happy, i fear restlessly is dominating me, i have had things to worry about, but it appears to be calm waters coming my way, yet i still am antsy...

took the dogs for their walk, no tide pools or extra beaches this year, its amazing to me how much the coast line changes daily. barbara said in the over 30 years she has lived here only 3 summers were the furthest beaches unavailable, lets make that 4 now, we couldn't even get to the second cove. the crowds are HUGE for clam digging, they are turning them away at lawsons, never seen so many people in the mud flats ever.

spent hours on the novel bakers, takes ages to shop, haul it, cook it, shoot it, eat it, clean it, i am beginning to wonder about my sanity. i do it for the enjoyment of diving deeper into books, its always been rewarding, but it is truly homework...

6/7  scotts home slaving on the hill, i am stuck with the mundane chores of life... not a bad trade off, the fog is wafting in and out and a low tide beach is enticing me as i check off my list. suzette stopped by with the largest shell i have ever seen from here, while eating breakfast watched over 3 dozen white pelican fly by in a long snaky line. even when doing chores this place is always unique and special to me...

6/8 having bad pet days, fear 2 more are dying, heading home with 3 sick pets tomorrow, terrified of the test results this week...

6/9 took pets in first thing, noah is ok, the other two have me worried... ran errands for my tea party on friday, it's now or never, if results are dire i will be sobbing and done for the day, i don't have the luxury of time with company coming. bought boxes to bury them, i tell myself they are just boxes, not until i know do they become more, for now they are just pretty boxes...

hot day, get home late afternoon and power is off... woe is me. can't sleep without air and fans... 9:30 it's back up, i thank god i can cool down, been blowing wildly all day, tree breaking wind, i feel raindrops, the storm is remnants from a hurricane in baja.

6/10 up at 5, all the sick cats stayed in, do i close them in case this is it and i don't have to look for them.... so torn inside

off to grocery shop by 7, i want to be home for the results. get weepie in the car on the way home now that all chores are done. before the first bag out of the car ellie is calling. her voice lets me know they aren't dying today, i have had enough of those calls to tell the difference. they are in trouble, but it's not today. laney may have cancer, she is 16, if she takes a turn for the worst we will be there for her, but for now she lives on.

noel is diabetic with pancreatitis. it's a huge problem because she needs lots of vet care to work it out and she is terrified of traveling and always injures herself, the cage runs with her blood. her temperament starts my tears... it's either insulin shots or euthanasia today, i fall apart...

i can't do it, i fear the shots, the blood testing, having seizures, plus her panic attacks traveling... i call scott sobbing, i would be the reason for her death, fearful of treating her. he said call ellie, tell her I will do it. scott is going to save noel. i have never felt so proud. we go this afternoon to learn how to treat her. we either try, or put her down because the toxin build up is a painful death. i saved her from liver failure, i hope we can manage this. the one bit of good news is she said some cats can manage it away. i hope we are the lucky ones....

met with ellie, it's not as dramatic as i feared, cats have a lot of leeway, we left poorer with her diabetes kit. home to pack up and back to the beach by 8pm with all the same kitties. what a blessing.

the moment we arrive in the freezing wind and fog suzette stopped by with a starfish t-shirt saying this is what we will all be wearing for the tea by the sea party :-)

6/11 scott is taking charge with noel, i woke up sick, too ill to want to help him at 4:15 am. battled sickness for hours, finally by mid morning i wasn't cringing. went out at 6am and did window boxes, walked dog's in the fog and lost them it was so heavy, unpacked the truckload of goodies and set the table, started baking by 9, on my feet from 6 to 5, feel broken...

good news is noel is eating her meds, a first for us! fog so thick couldn't see the beach or take any decent pics of the table all day. libby had a seizure, feeling very pet stressed, house so small and no where to hide... horrible night rounding up the cats preparty... indy was terrified and we upended the house to find him. poor guy. poor us...

6/12 party morn, up early and prepping away, still foggy, would love a sunny table to take pics of but tis the season. had a lovely visit, and meet suzettes bf, they could be sisters, thin and sweet! 4 of us had suzettes seaside tea shirts, so cute!

exhausted and a little post party drunk, needed a nap, had to take aspirin, i am ready to collapse for the weekend, but no, have to go home for noels check in tomorrow :-(

6/13 up early to clean up from party and clean 2 refrigerators, i was literally throwing food in it i was so rushed... grabbed noel in her swaddling and back to vets. revolting drive, both ways she had explosionary potty all over me. she gained weight in 3 days and her numbers are coming down, so proud of scott making her better!

drive back was a mess at winery with jazz festival, they spend countless of millions and several years to make this road finally work and then have a 10 mile traffic jam all for their function. if i wasn't covered it dripping feces i may not have been so pissed... took a back road and found two buses stopped dead in the road and drivers arguing in the street, they were the cause that NOTHING was moving, i wanted to call 911 on them. i have to say i am deep down bone exhausted, where are the days of reading and relaxing. we did enjoy listening to this with all our traveling.

bev emailed about monday make over, let the games begin...

6/14 off for early morning beach walk in the fog, hardly knew anyone, its tourist season and the beach is taken over. katie got a good romp with her daddy and ball. out to breakfast at the cafe, scott wanted to make it a play day but exhaustion set in and he ran some errands for noels diabetes. came home with see's for me too, my last rites? i worked on homework all day in the thick fog.

6/15 marla joined us for our walk this morn, looks like its going to be a gym trio. i came home and made my sea glass cookies which i LOVE :-)

stella stopped by with triple layer cheesecake, OMG!

6/16 walked with suzette, counting down the days until she exits for 3 weeks, she will be sorely missed! the day disappeared, i imagine more homework, i am doing it in little drabs daily and want to be done with it but keep having chores for the next day...

6/17  last beach walk with suzette, a quick shower and change, then dash off to bookmobile, LOADS of new books arrived, i have my work cut out for me!

mad dash to the dentist back home, he always cracks us up then on to find me swimsuits and gym clothes. horrors to it all :-( home at 9 and exhausted.

6/18 today is the big day... i hauled over my drs scale and measuring tape. i did the dreaded reality check and weighed in and measured myself. i am so thickly padded i rival the michelin man. thanks to bev as our catalyst change will be forthcoming. out the door at 8 to hit the pool in town. felt so good to be in water again! i can only handle 3 days a week, already bailing on them tomorrow since i made plans with suzette, i dread leaving the beach so much, but change is a good thing!

out to lunch afterwards, was a very fun day, plus the bonus round was we got to see the glass house pottery barn uses for photoshoots. FABULOUS!

tried on my wretched new fatty work out wardrobe, part of me says just shoot me now, but then there is the optimistic side saying slow and steady may make a diff. sadly i am hanging with race horses!

gorgeous sunny day, albeit windy, i am stuck inside doing the last of my homework. frankly i just want to nap the day away, i am finally feeling like my old self again and just want blissful days of nothing but walks and books!

6/19 had intended to walk the dogs at the beach but fog was so thick i started laundry, then changing bed, colors, pillows, rugs, flowers, the next thing i know its 1:30 in the afternoon and it had been a very brilliant, beautiful day...

take my book outside to finally try and get back my old life but to much swirling in my head and i am suppose to help suzette soon. bev came up for a sunny outdoor visit and then i stop by stellas to pick up more of those elegant mushrooms, return home and scott is already there, day shot by! suzette, then marla stop by, i take a shower and crawl in bed at 7:30 pm, out cold by 8, even though its still light out until 9:30... up at 10:30pm, 3:30am and 4:30am... scott got me up on the latter to start testing noel. its going to be a lot of 2 hours today, we both dread it :-(

6/20 so the curving begins... every 2 hours we have to prick noel, grab her blood and test her, we are pinned to the house for the day. we see how high her numbers are and i call ellie to increase her dosage. she was a great girl, only cried once the entire day.

managed to get one last beach walk in with suzette before she left this morn, stopped by stellas twice, once to inform her of the changes, next to measure for them. we want to make things easy for her.

i was very hungry and asked scott to bbq a steak i had in the fridge, to my dismay it was presliced icky meat, was a frustrating food day, our 2 hour window was not large enough to escape for new food and we are tired of the cafe...

one good thing did come out of our homebound day, i have been reading a fine romance for a week, still in my reading funk, 10 pages here and there... every time i sat down to read i had 20 minutes until we had to get noel again. late afternoon, i picked up the book again and suddenly, after nearly 2 months, i was truly reading again, i sank deep into the words, the pages begin to blister beneath my fingers, i was BACK! there is a huge difference in how i read, i have never seen it truly kick in before because normally i am always a highly functioning reader, with all the distractions the past 2 months i would just look at the words, turning the pages with a certain distance in connecting, yesterday i truly felt like i was flying. first i was just lumbering down the runaway and then the speed increased and suddenly i was airborne, soaring into the words, feeling it all, it was bliss, and that is why i read, the ability to immerse instantly with an insatiable curiosity about life! SO GLAD TO BE BACK! finished her second memoir, she is wonderful; bright, funny, beautiful, intelligent, adored her mother daughter relationship and has a real zeal for life, 5 stars.

A Fine Romance by Candice Bergen http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LD1OTXE/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_lzSHvb1A0K5H8

6/21 nothing planned for fathers day and feeling sheepish... we were awakened last night when a party bus parked in front of our house with throbbing music, lights, and a stripper pole visible from every window in the house. scott went out and told him to get out of here, he was lost trying to find addresses and decided to just park in an exclusive quiet private neighborhood like that? so pissed, scott was up for hours...

scott went home for a quick turn around, i have nothing planned and the coiffures are bare :-(

managed to pull off a full Turkey dinner :-)

ordered some goodies for stella, i am determined to make her safe and stable going forward no matter how much she fights me.

6/22 up early and eager to finish my latest book, yep i am back alright! i was sobbing so hard i had to stop 20 pages from the end to get up and wash my face. its wonderful to be wowed by words again, i love love love this book, his first one too, both are 5 stars from me. a man called ove was a favorite with our book club too, READ HIS BOOKS!

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry: A Novel by Fredrik Backman http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Q102M5Y/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_8FeIvb0YF3WE9

libby had another seizure, only 11 days from last one... scared for her. called ellie, back to the vets this weekend and time for more medication. i pray it simmers down for her... we are indeed having a bad pet run this year.

skipped our walk this morn, bev was hung over sick, had a little to much fun on fathers day, the fog is still so thick who cares, plus i was 100% into finishing my book with tears staining my shirt i didn't care about visiting the sea~

ponder pondering...

clancy extra cozy...

6/23 gorgeous warm sunny morning, out at 6 and mad i have to leave the coast today for water aerobics... this is what you wish for, perfection, hate leaving it. my turn to drive, teased for my slowness, but still made it to class on time. loved the regular teacher, about time to see real aerobics! did some shopping after, it's always fun group traveling.

so windy when we came home outside was useless...

6/24 told them i am only going twice a week, how they can leave paradise for a treadmill kills me, i hit the beach alone today when they opened, it was warm and wonderful! walked back with gail, she mentioned sebastopol so checked them out online, want to try them, seven days a week :-)  torn about joining now, want the comrades, but that's it... must decide tomorrow :-(

spent day in the sun reading and baking for book club, no time tomorrow, busy day!

6/25  another day you just hate to leave the beach, wanted to walk the dogs to the end before leaving but today i weigh and measure, then sob and cringe, time just slipped away. warm, still, gorgeous, i just didn't want to go. walked down to meet bev and chatted with marla on the hill then off to the pool for my last hurrah. weighing the options of joining was rather decisive when i found out the class supposedly stops in sept. was a great class and trying to sway bev to the dark side of another pool and she is fighting me all the way. even accusing me of stealing her new friends to play elsewhere ;-)

got our toes and nails done, extra fancy this week, i went with gel aqua sparkles, i look like a car from a show room, i can't stop admiring ME :-) lets hope it is as durable for me as it was for bev because it is a beach dazzler.

out to a quick crummy lunch and back to the beach to be ready for book club tonight.

book club was great fun as usual, we had a large group with some old members returning and some regulars off on holiday. dead wake rated 4.38 for the group, a great success considering many said they never would have touched the book. lots of great food and carols gorgeous glass walls made the night perfect with the sunlight still streaming in at 9:30 pm.

poor kenny got rolled and kicked by a deer and was in terrible pain, we collided and he yelped in pain, broke my heart... decided on a joint book club beach party and progressive dinner for xmas, lots to look forward too! get a kick out of how well traveled our book club is, one was in taos painting, another plays in ashland, a london wedding, a greek holiday and a bulgarian cruise, every month some, or many, are off flitting around this globe~

6/26 be still my heart, the weather is still holding, i awakened at 5am to sun and stillness, YIPPEE! meeting bev and gail when the gates open for what i am sure is another stellar walk in paradise. suzette wrote, triple digits, so glad to be coastal, she will be gone for ages with work and travel, i miss our day to days walking and chatting.

scott got home early afternoon, we were relaxing when there was knock on the door, the next door neighbors had come over to bellow his opinion on what we need to do stat to his liking, HUGE screaming fight, we had been forewarned about them and choose never to have any contact, they lived up to their reputation, everyone was a screaming frothing jerk except scott. i detest arrogant self righteous people, and she is just a nasty fireplug who took things to personal level. i refuse to be intimidated and called the board instantly.

6/27 needless to say fighting with someone 15' from your bedroom wall is stressful, but i awakened to a new health scare which truly altered the course of my life. went home to see a dr, so far just blood work was done, but after chatting with a suzette i think she diagnosed my problem and i had a damn good laugh and loads of relief! i will have a gi follow up, this is nothing to ignore, but i am pretty sure dr s nailed it and i came back to the beach stress free!

after such an overwhelming saga of a day we both passed out the minute we walked in the door, woke up around 8pm and watched the hobbit.

6/28 and the fog is back... off to see stella early, today's the big day! excited for her to be more mobile, hope this makes her life easier:-)

scott worked from 9-6 to get it done, works like a dream, dilly has the perfect runway! and the fight blooms to a new level when scott nailed in our yard by neighbor number two saying we dragged them into the fight... like the game of telephone tag, he said she said, it all gets twisted and far from reality, we both cocked our heads wondering what she was talking about, who injects themselves into a fight ... shows you what they are all about and why we had nothing to do with them, live and left live is not their motto. petty bs, we have other fish to fry...

speaking of fish, we dined at the cafe for fish and chips night :-)

came home to long thank you from stella and a gift card in town for dinner~

my regular dusk visitor...

6/29  met bev for a foggy walk, gail caught up with us at the end and walked back with us, katie had her ball stolen and a nightmare all the way back :-(   dead seal in the surf line...

followed her home for some fresh caught and cooked crab, such a special treat, joseph went out under the golden gate for last day of crab season and shared his bounty, will be a beautiful dinner tonight :-)

luana stopped by to give me the scoop, said fence in the area, will have shaun stop by for the design review input, rather excited, i want my own little room attachment too~

windy, but gorgeous sky, with deep teal sea and little white sheep bobbing at sea, i adore the ever changing view, so much so i can't read my book, i keep staring outside... really enjoying my book, intense, takes place in fort brag and mendicino, i can only imagine how violent this is going to end, the tension now is building to i assume a huge crescendo, he has always been such a great author~

The Harder They Come: A Novel by T.C. Boyle http://www.amazon.com/dp/0062349376/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_CsFKvb0QK47R0

libby and i both got our bloodwork back, we are both in the land of the living, thanks suzette for easing my mind! and cracking me up...

6/30  off to the pool this morn with bev, thanks to her fancy footwork i got a great rate and joined officially. told the teacher i have lost 5.4 inches in just the few short visits, its fun having a shrinking buddy to play with, i think marla will be next too.

finished my book, he was much tamer than i anticipated, thats what its like when you read authors for decades, you see them mellow with age, i still gave it a 4.5.